Thursday, June 26, 2008

At last....

Yesterday evening the shipper's called (only a day late) and the Gnomads' worldly goods are now winging (or, more likely, stumbling) their way to the Mundane Kingdom. The Gnomad's new employer very kindly agreed to accommodate the Gnomad's shipment temporarily until such time as the Gnomads actually had somewhere to live. This is very generous of them and is a huge benefit as far as the Gnomad's are concerned. It is very difficult to arrange an international cargo shipment when you don't actually have somewhere to send it.

An added bonus was that, despite the dinner arrangement having to be cancelled because of the late arrival of the shipper's, the Gnomads were still able to have a meal with their friends before said friends departed. The friends in question ordered in pizza once the shippers had arrived and the pizza very conveniently arrived just as the shippers left, which was a little over an hour before the friends were due to leave for the airport themselves.

There is a surreal feeling of calm in the Gnomads now rather spartan looking residence. The Gnomads leave the Magic Kingdom tomorrow and all is now ready. Flights and taxis are booked, a hire car is arranged for their arrival in the Philippines, flights from the Philippines to the UK are booked and pretty much everything to go to the Philippines is packed. Only two very minor things remain to be done, these are the last minute packing, which cannot be done until tomorrow, and the consumption of the remaining foodstuffs in the Gnomad kitchen, which is being worked on right now :)


At 02:02, Blogger El Casareño Inglés said...

Hurrah! You've escaped.

We hope to follow on soon.


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