Wednesday, July 16, 2008


What happened to Clustrmaps?

The Gnomad has been using their really useful little map since the inception of this blog to see where you, dear reader, are viewing from. Suddenly there is no more map, just a link to their website. The Gnomad notices a similar thing on other blogs too.

Oh dear! Are the old archived maps lost? What's happening? Gnomad has followed the link, signed in and set up the Clustrmap again, below the original, but will leave the original in place in case normal service resumes.

[edit: now resolved, see comments]


At 02:38, Blogger ClustrMaps Team said...

Hi... your old map image is here if you want to paste a copy of this in for your readers:

The FAQ about our map archive policy is here:

I hope this helps... apologies if the archiving caught you by surprise... no need to display two 'current' maps in any event...

All the best,

-CJ on behalf of the ClustrMaps Team

At 03:25, Blogger Gnomad said...

The Gnomad had experienced archiving before, all the little red dots vanished from the map but the map itself, at least, was still there.

On this occasion the map was gone entirely, replaced with a link to the ClustrMaps site. Very odd. This was the same on some other sites the Gnomad viewed too. Perhaps the archiving process means that no maps were available at all temporarily and it just happened that the Gnomad was there to see it this time. The Gnomad is after all not in his usual time-zone right now.

Notice though, dear reader, how very quickly the Gnomad got a response from the ClustrMaps team just from this one post on the blog. Notice too that the service is working again after only a very little while. This is a free service too.

If only some of the service providers that we have to pay money to could provide such good service.

If this is the level of service ClutrMaps provides for free you can be assured that if The Gnomad ever has need of your paid services the Gnomad will not hesitate to give you his business.

Thank you CJ and the ClustrMaps team.

At 03:54, Blogger ClustrMaps Team said...

Ah... there was indeed an obscure glitch on the exact server where your map is stored, now resolved... completely coincidental and unconnected to the archiving!!

Yes, we try to 'beam in' around the blogosphere to see what our loyal users are up to, and aim to pick up and deal with any problems or misunderstandings...

Many thanks again for your positive comments.

-CJ on behalf of the ClustrMaps Team


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