Monday, July 20, 2009

Carat and stick

The Gnomad is somewhat grumpy at the moment. The Gnomads have tried to get the Gnomadettes wedding ring enlarged. A simple matter one would suppose. However, having taken the ring into a branch of Timpson (The Quality Service People)the attempted expansion has severely damaged the ring necessitating a potentially very expensive repair. Timpson is a company that deals with key cutting, shoe repairs, trophies engraving and jewellery repairs. Clearly the Gnomad regrets not going directly to a bona fide jeweller, but the manager in the branch was completely confident that the work could be undertaken successfully.

The Gnomad has written to Timpson's customer service department detailing the situation and requesting that Timpson arrange to have the ring repaired to make good their error.

When Timpson do respond, the Gnomad will post their response and leave you, dear reader, to decide how reputable a company they are and what their Quality Service actually amounts to.

Addition: 24th July 2009

Timpson has replied to the Gnomad's letter, edited highlights below:

"May I firstly apologise if we have in any way damaged your wife's ring

We would like the opportunity to have the ring repaired by our own jeweller
(name supplied) and would be grateful if you could send the ring by Royal Mail Special Delivery to the address below, marked for my attention. I will of course reimburse your postage costs.

The ring will be repaired and returned to your home address as soon as possible..."

This seems pretty fair and reasonable as far as the Gnomad's are concerned. Any one can make a mistake, it is how the mistake is dealt with that allows you to judge a company. So far, top marks to Timpson customer care department.

The ring is being dispatched as requested this morning. The Gnomad will post again on the ring's return with a final verdict on Timpson.

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