Tuesday, September 01, 2009

further encroachings of beigeness

The Gnomads have been out buying soft furnishings and domestic paraphernalia such as scatter cushions and picture frames. The Gnomad habitat is becoming very much more "civilised" and, therefore, the Gnomad must be doing the same. Alas, Middle-Age beckons ever more strongly.

It appears that the imminent arrival of Hababi (due on the 22nd of this month) is causing a sudden rush of maturity to the Gnomad's psyche. At least these purchases were not pink.

A previous shopping expedition lasting a marathon 8 hours and causing the Gnomad's credit card to go into meltdown, saw the purchase of every imaginable item of baby related paraphernalia, almost all of it pink, all of it very cute indeed.

The Gnomad wonders if there is a critical mass of cuteness, and also what will happen when this is achieved, as it surely must be, in the next few weeks.

The sonographer had better be right in stating that Hababi is a girl.


At 03:43, Blogger Mme Cyn said...

If Hababi is a boy, you can dress him in all that pink but draw a little mustache on him so people will know.... but "Daisy Mae" could be a bit problematic for the wee laddie...


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