Sunday, October 16, 2011

Two years on...

Hababi is 25 months old today. She is a strong healthy little girl who her playgroup describe as having a "very strong character". Although Hababi is still very much the focus of the Gnomad's, and especially the Gnomadette's, time, it may be that the Gnomad might actually be getting enough of his life back to actually post occasionally now.

Two years have passed very quickly, but the Gnomad is still appalled at the level of personal taxation in the Mundane kingdom, the cost of every day living and the ludicrously high tax on fuel. The recent devaluation of the pound seems to have passed almost unnoticed, but the Pound sterling is now only worth two thirds of what it was on the foreign exchange markets when Gnomad returned to Mundania. The Gnomad's job is going well and has involved a recent promotion, the hours are long but the holidays are longer. The Gnomadette is learning to drive and is itching to get back to work. Hababi has been taken half way round the world and back to visit the her family in the Island Republic.

Intermittent posts may well resume...


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